This is my Story:

Hello and Thank you for visiting my website!  Cool

I am from Houston.  Although I've traveled the world, I've only lived in Houston.  (Except when I was in the military)

About my EDUCATION:  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Radio/Television from the University of Houston and a Masters in Education, in Educational Leadership from Sam Houston State University in Hunstville, TX.  While at the University of Houston, I was in ROTC so I was commissioned in the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant.  I  served in the United States Army Reserve for almost 12 years.  I was a Signal (communications) Officer.  I absolutely love the military!  

I have done so much in my life. I'm a true renaissance woman.  I am an EDUCATOR, a licensed REALTOR, a WRITER, and just recently a BUSINESS OWNER of BRAGBITZ.  I write for Familias Latinas, a Spanish publication (magazine).   I wrote a book for women and two for children.  I thank GOD for the opportunities that are present in my life.  Heart

I have evolved into a spiritual person, thanks to my life experiences.  We all go through struggles in life...these are simply life lessons.  We must learn and grow from each experience and know that GOD always, always, always has our back.  As we age, we mature, we change.  I used to take everything so personally.  I don't worry about that anymore because each of us has our own lessons, our own struggles, and our own life.  One thing I know for certain... THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE IF WE ALL LOVED EACH OTHER MORE.Heart



Dee Medrano

My first official military photo. I served 12 years in the United States Army. 1st Lieutenant, Signal Corps, Ft. Gordon, Georgia.

10 Steps to Forgiving Someone

1. Forgive
2. Forgive more
3. Forgive even more
4. Forgive even more than that
5. Forgive when you don't want to
6. Forgive when you do
7. Forgive when you have something to say
8. Forgive when you don't
9. Forgive every day
10. Keep forgiving


People Cross our Path For A Reason

Every person in your life is meant to be there.   We either teach or learn from every person, negative or positive.  When a person exits your life, that chapter is closed.  However, if the parting was negative, it will re-emerge sometime in the future to make sure the lesson was learned.

We learn from the person (or situation) who has caused us so much pain,Sad (it makes us stronger)

who brings us joy,Cool(it makes us smile)

who makes us cry, who makes us laugh.  (it makes us appreciate)

We also teach.  We assist, we bring down a wall, we love.Heart

We are here to learn lessons, enjoy life and be happy.  These lessons will enhance your life. 

We are here to make a difference, not to hurt.  We are here to add value to someone's life. 

Peace and Love...

My handsome son. Thank you son, for allowing ME to be your MOTHER. I LOVE you SO much. YOU are the BEST thing that EVER happened to ME.

The BEST husband in the world! You came into my life when I least expected it, but welcomed it with OPEN arms. You are so KIND and LOVING and place ME and OTHERS before yourself :)

That's right!....fabulous!!!!