May. 6, 2013

The Path to Bliss

When we deliberately hurt others, we are only slowing down our own path to genuine happiness, joy and peace.

You see, we are put on this earth not only to learn lessons but also to be of service to others...helping others identify their higher purpose...selfless service.

Instead of hurting others, help them.  Add value to their life.

GOD is so good, He wants us to be good to each other, to love one  another.  Sometimes it may seem too difficult of a task, but it's really not.  It's a matter of training yourself.  Training yourself to think and do positive.  Miracles happen every day.

You've heard of the saying, "You reap what you sow."  Everything that happens in your life is a direct result of YOUR OWN actions and thoughts.  If you do and say good, goodness follows you.  Show positive behavior at all times.  The same is true for negative thoughts and actions.

Sooner or later, the consequences of your actions will appear in your life.