Oct. 2, 2014

Excerpts from a GREAT book I am reading!

I highly recommend, "The Seat of the Soul" a book written by Gary Zukav, with prefaces by Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou...

I am learning so much from this book and I know you will also.

This is an excerpt from the Karma chapter (one of my favorite subjects)...

"A personality that takes advantage of others creates an imbalance of energy that must be righted by the experience of being taken advantage of by others.  If that cannot be accomplished within the lifetime of this personality, another of it's soul's personalities will experience being taken advantage of by other people...." pg. 26

"Each of these responses creates karma, another imbalance of energy which, in turn, must be balanced." pg. 26

"A person that is engaging in violence (I believe this is any kind of violence or negative thing) is hurting deeply, because a healthy and balanced soul is incapable of harming another."  pg. 28


This is why we must choose our words and actions wisely.  We are here (Earth) to serve others.  It is not our place to hurt others or ruin someone's reputation by judging.  When we judge we are creating negative karma.  Eliminate negativity and complaining from your life. 

May you have peace in your heart.  May you have love in your heart.