Jun. 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day! 👕🤵🏻

Happy Father's Day handsome! I'm sorry you don't get to spend time with YOUR children because of a woman that apparently doesn't know that children need their father just as much as their mother, a woman that doesn't have GOD in her heart because if she did, she wouldn't be so hateful. Important years in a child's life have been taken away from you. But...in this world, GOD is in charge!! God is FAITHful 🙏🏼, God is LOVE ❤️. God is FAIR! 🦋 God is the ultimate judge, not her. I love you today, tomorrow, and all the days of our lives. You're an amazing man! You're an amazing husband. I'm so grateful to share my life with you. ❤️😇