Nov. 10, 2014

Monday Blues?

Are you working out today?  I hope to.  I haven't worked out in about two weeks....because....

After the death of my father, I have not been able to find my happy place again...but slowly I'm trying.  I am usually a very happy and positive person, but this has really stopped me in my tracks.  The death of a parent is one of the most horrible events a person can endure.  My father lived in Corpus so I didn't see him every day.  When I did go-about 2 weeks prior to his passing, we had a lovely conversation, sharing memories, and laughing.  That's how I wish to remember him.


And to make matters worse, he passed away on my birthday...October 24.  That day was bittersweet for me.  But I refuse to see it as a negative.  He has 6 children, he could have chosen any other day, but he chose MY birthday.  That tells me he loves me so very much and wants me to forever think of him...especially on my birthday every year.  Dad, I will always cherish our moments together.  I know you are in Heaven watching over me and my family.  Thank you for the time we did have together.  I know I will see you again one day. 


I will continue with my workouts....with my life....because it's what you would have wanted.


I love you dad! 


P.S. I share so that I may help someone going to similar things as I.  We're not alone.