Dec. 2, 2014

I'm an Athlete

Hello people!

Well, I am actively training for the 2015 Triathlon.  I am not a swimmer, but I can and love to swim.  I'm a runner!  The bike is no big deal.  I'm trying to go swimming every evening at the gym pool.  The first time I went, I put the swimming cap the wrong way and so my long hair didn't fit under.  Call me silly.  I "You-Tubed" the cap thing and now I can wear it correctly.  I also had to buy a one-piece "not-fancy at all" neutral swimsuit.  I have never worn a one-piece in my life.  Thank you Jesus!!  So this is also new to me.  I find that I get so tired with swimming just one lap.  How in the world am I going to swim in a triathlon????  Why did I do this???  Because I'm competitive and I'm an athlete!  

Happy training to me...that pic is me with the cap on the wrong way.....silly me.

Bye for now